C. Bedard Walters Gallery 

Art is long, life is short - Hippocrates

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Hello, the  " C"  stands for Carol in my Artist name... my pen name being Lyn Carroll and I write to share "fun" true short stories and poems.  This site is designed to share my art and writings with you.

As an Artist-teacher, I preached "Let your art works be 'show and tell' ....the unique intuitive Art that is in every individual... allowing others to share your fun, your joy in your visual expression!"  

The same goes for writing........My work is diversified...so I expect, there will be experiences for all viewers....your comments are most welcome!




Most of the photography of the art was taken by amateurs under less than desirable conditions. Therefore, please excuse any lines, angles, glares, poor lighting and slightly off colors in these photos. All blame goes to the photographer; not the Artist. Thanks!